“When you believe in yourself and the mission of the organization you represent, you organically inspire others to get involved.”
— Heather Marie

As I began to research and look at worthiness I took a closer look at my own life and where I succeeded and where I was challenged. My most significant challenges came from an inner denial of self-worth and my most significant successes occurred when I tapped into my innate worthiness.  The Worthiness Formula In Fundraising is about the successes.

As a student and a professional I had a consistent record of accomplishments. The facts were there, when I believed whole heartedly in myself as a student, I received good grades, recognition from teachers, and scholarships. When I graduated from college and entered the workforce, this path continued. Although people within and outside of the nonprofit industry would often comment on how difficult it was to fundraise and ask for money, I never thought about it that way and it never affected me that way. I worked hard and believed in what I did and I believed in the people and organizations I did it for, although I didn’t know it at the time I was applying my own formula for success, commitment paired with action. Because of my own professional worthiness and the worthiness I applied to the organizations I served, the results remained positive.

It also seemed I was great at “asking” for money, donations, and volunteer commitments on the behalf of others, especially when it was a worthy cause. When I told the story of how the organization I represented was saving lives, at the end of the conversation, the person listening was eager to offer support and often asked me how they could be involved.                                                                                           

This was a common factor in my journey as a nonprofit fundraiser, where others were terrified of “asking” for all of the above mentioned, especially money, I excelled and enjoyed every part of the process. I loved people and getting to know them and their stories, so it made perfect sense that I would love to get to know an entire organization and all the people that worked there, so I could share their stories and mission too. Working for some great organizations, allowed me the luxury of building relationships with some pretty incredible people, whom often became close friends. I was living the dream and more importantly living my purpose, using my gifts and talents to help others. The question I asked myself recently was: how could I share this with others who did not have the same experience, but were more than capable?

Throughout my 20+ years of experience as a professional fundraiser, I’ve spoken on topics such as Board Development, Major Gifts, Capital Campaigns & Endowments, Special Events, Sponsorship, Planned Giving and Storytelling; and yes, all have their place in the professional development of a nonprofit career. However what I discovered is, you can have all the tools and knowledge in the world, but if you don’t believe you’re worthy of using them, they are meaningless. Thus, The Worthiness Formula In Fundraising was conceived. The strategies from The Worthiness Formula book are applied to strategic planning, coaching and consulting in for the non-profit professional. YOU can overcome the fear of asking and take the next step in your nonprofit career. Are you ready for the journey?

Welcome to your own discovery of The Worthiness Formula In Fundraising.

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