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Founder of The Worthiness Formula™



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"We don't fight for our worthiness, we are born worthy and always will be worthy, it's innate, our birthright. We are warriors who fight the culture that challenges our worth, tells us that materialism and status define our value. We are victorious when we stand in our worth and claim "I AM GOOD ENOUGH!"

-Heather Marie

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"There is no doubt in my mind that Heather has been called to be a powerful figure in the women's empowerment space. As a writer, speaker and agent of change, she embodies the work she is passionate about leading others by un-apologetically sharing her stories, her epiphanies, her "stuff." Through her equal parts poetic and practical voice, Heather invites us to engage in the greatest love affair of our lives - the one we can have with ourselves."

-Alexia Vernon, Transformational Speaker/Trainer/Founder, Influencer Academy

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