"Everyone in this room would buy Heather's book ... she’s inspired them all." 

-Cheryl Richardson, Hay House Author

"This isn't her first rodeo, she was meant to be here and tell her story..." 

- Reid Tracy, CFO Hay House

"Heather invites us to engage in the greatest love affair of our lives - the one we can have with ourselves."

-Alexia Vernon,  Influencer Academy

"She helps me to push myself and accomplish things I never even considered." 

-Heather Mongie, Signature Real Estate

“Her vulnerable spirit is her 
greatest asset and with it 
she has strengthened many…including myself.” 
— Teri Halliday-Rigali, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

"She helps me to push myself and accomplish things I never even considered." 

-Heather Mongie, Signature Real Estate

"Heather is one of the most driven and inspirational individuals male or female, I have ever met." 

-Lela Ripamonti, Tom James

“Heather doesn’t just tell you what you WANT to hear, but rather what you NEED to hear in order to get in touch with your real self.”
— Dani Bald, Founder of CreateLuckLV.com

“Heather is not a just a coach, she’s a lifelong mentor. I was lost in my business and unsure of my route but Heather helped me map it out. Her continued support has got me through the thick of it all.”

-Susan Kocab, Coaching Client and Founder of Fitzone Labs.